Our SolarUP!   Vision…

Responding to an ever-increasing urgency to address the threat of Climate Change around the Globe and specifically here, a coalition of climate-conscious West Michigan individuals — already working in and through organizations like the West Michigan Environmental Coalition, Holland Climate Collaborative, Citizen’s Climate Lobby — came together to hasten the process of putting the brakes on the alarming rate of Climate Change.






With the goal moving Government and Business toward more deliberate action in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and avoiding a critically emerging Global Climate crisis … motivated individuals and focused local energy coalitions can encourage and implement accelerated consumer-driven change that will benefit all peoples — socio-economic and cultural status notwithstanding.





SolarUP!’s Vision involves moving the energy needle toward Positive Climate Renewal in an efficient, effective, and timely fashion that will focus on the residential installation of solar panels as a keystone strategy in an immediate effort to mitigate the impact of the looming crisis facing all peoples.





SolarUP! is moving in concert with a host of regional kindred initiatives (Ann Arbor Solarize, Midwest Renewable Energy Association, and others ) while focusing its efforts on the greater West Michigan area.