The SolarUP! Network (SUN)
is an affiliation of People and Organizations
taking action for Solar Energy Climate Renewal



Our SolarUP! Vision

Responding to an ever-increasing urgency to address the threat of Climate Change globally and locally here in West Michigan,
a coalition of Solar-focused climate-conscious individuals — working  through organizations like the West Michigan Environmental Action Coalition, Holland Climate Collaborative, Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association — work together to hasten the process of establishing Solar Energy as the most viable, efficient, and sustainable energy in West Michigan


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Curious About Solar for Your Home?

Holland Climate Collaborative launched its SolarUp! Network group-buy discount program in early 2022. Its first event on March 15 generated 44 KW of new residential solar power while saving $20,000 for eight homeowners and reducing their CO2 emissions by 20+ metric tons per year.

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Our Three Key Objectives...

Meeting… through SolarUP! gatherings designed to link individual homeowners with tools, resources, and the financial incentive of discounts via group-buy events.


Advocating… for the development of community solar resources as an opportunity for both non-homeowners and those homeowners for whom solar panel installation is not an option.


Resourcing… solar installation professionals willing to work with homeowners in providing solar feasibiliy analysis and significant savings through subsequent SolarUP! facilitated grouped household installations.

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